Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hanging Out in Kingston

It's becoming increasingly difficult to faithfully update this blog because I'm having more fun than I can keep track of here!
I'll try to break it down.

Last weekend

boulder near Hope River
 On Saturday, we swam in Hope River and Mammy River.
It was awesome to jump from rocks into ice cold water and take in the sights of waterfalls and boulders.
Both rivers were beautiful but I was saddened to see how pollution had devastated the areas. 
Loads of cans, bottles, boxes and even random pieces of scrap metal disturbed the flow of these great waters (downstream).
The river is a valuable natural resource that we should not take for granted.

Environmental awareness aside, on Saturday evening, I went to dinner with friends at a "Mexican" place called Chilitos. The vibe could be compared to Florida's Tijuana Flats in that there was funky art there and the atmosphere was relaxed; it was cool. The food was excellent, too.

This week
 I spent a lot of time up in Jack's Hill.
I enjoyed more sweeping views and goat crossings than last week.
It's much cooler up there and my hosts were reluctant to return to level ground.
We did venture back into the city to purchase a quart of ice cream from Devon House (which I also went to last Friday and will probably go again next week) because that ice cream is the best in the world (yes, I said it) so it was worth the trip.
view from friend's home in Jack's Hill

Yesterday I went to Sovereign Centre, the fantastic three-story mall which has a movie theatre in it.
I had gone there with friends to see the latest Batman movie (it was great, by the way) but we probably should have gone to an earlier showing.
At midnight, sitting in the parking lot staring at the moon as all of the lights turn off is more frightening than poetic. I advise you to go home before 10 o'clock, maybe even before eight since many stores were closed at that time.
Anyway, the theatre in the mall (or "shopping centre") is neat. It's small, there are only two viewing rooms, but it's a fun experience to go to the movies and the mall simultaneously.

Today I am going to the children's home again and in the evening I'll see a performance from the NDTC. I am thrilled about today's activities. Have a great weekend!

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