Monday, August 6, 2012

Jamaica 50!

             All year long and especially all summer, there has been great excitement about Jamaica's 50th year of independence. Out here, Independence Day is bigger than Christmas and this week the whole island was decked out in black, green and gold. It was incredible to see people painting up the shops and draping the streets with our colours just days before the big celebration.
             Last night, the storm hit and Kingston was gone. My friend had asked me if it was gonna ruin all the festivities and I replied "Independence is onnn". Tonight, the celebration goes on in true Jamaican style. At the national stadium the fireworks went off and the music, still blaring, can be heard for miles around. Jamaica still has a lot of work ahead and much to learn but after all these years, we do know how to party!
Fireworks view from Jack's Hill

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