Monday, January 23, 2012

Red Tails

Last Thursday I attended a early screening of Red Tails and it was a pretty awesome movie. After I had finished writing a review for the movie I decided to check out some other reviews on the web to see what people had thought about it. Apparently not as many people were as happy with it as I was.

The main problem that many people who saw the movie had was that it wasn't the actual story of the Tuskegee Airmen. And the problem with most of those people is that they don't understand the difference between "based on true events" and "the real story of".

Now I would understand if it would have said that the movie was going to tell the true story of the Tuskegee Airmen but it didn't say that. I'm pretty darn sure that it said that the movie was based on true events, they didn't say it was the actual story of everything that happened.

So stop hating on the movie because it's not the true story. It was a awesome movie without even having to be the true story about them. I'm sure it would have been nice to be the true story but if you care that much about learning who they were and what they did that it had to be 100% accurate for you to like it then Google it or something.

Monday, January 16, 2012


A few days ago one of my friends ended up not having a ride home from school and she had to walk home instead. She wasn't very fond of the idea so I decided I would be a good friend and walk her home so she wouldn't have to be alone on her walk.

Of course I thought I was doing the right thing but instead of being thanked I was just yelled at about how she didn't have such a good day. I understand that she needed to let out her feelings but she didn't have to make me feel like I was the one to have done something wrong. She even complained about how she was hungry and how I should of brought money to school just so I could buy her something to eat.

But she isn't the only friend like that. One girl who texts me every once in awhile only because she wants to tell me something that she can't tell anyone else told me that I'm "insensitive" because when I "think" a girl is being "mean" or rude to me like the one above it's only because I'm upset about something myself.

Yeah I am upset, it would be nice to receive a thank you every once in awhile when I do something for someone. I'm not saying that only girls do this but none of the guys I know do this while most of the girls I do know do.

It's annoying when people try to put all the blame on someone that deserves none of it and especially when a "friend" who I'm trying to help does that to me.

Monday, January 9, 2012

My Favorite class

A few days ago I had to write about my favorite class, so I did and here it is:

My favorite class is my sixth period Advance Digital Editing class. The reason I like this class the most is because I'm a producer of the show and my co-producer is always in class and never complains that I never share the work or tell him what's going on. I also like how all of my students do all their work as soon as they are told to and that they come out with beautiful packages that they give their all on and include all the elements they need for a basic package because it's not like the school just shoved random freshmen who never taken a t.v. production class before in my ADVANCE digital editing class. I also like how all the students quiet down when they need to and work together like they are suppose to instead of always fighting with each other and coming to me with all their problems that I don't suppose to be dealing with. And that's why my favorite class is my sixth period Advance Digital Editing class.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Wrath of the Titans

Every once in awhile I'll go to the early morning five dollar special at the movies near my house on Saturdays when I have nothing else to do and go see a movie. A few weeks back I went and saw The Immortals, which was a pretty alright movie dealing with the Greek gods and afterwards talked about it with a friend who worked at that theater.

But while I was talking with him I learned some terrible news that I couldn't believe at first. He told me that a new movie titled "Wrath of the Titans" was to be coming out soon.This movie is a sequel to the fail of a remake to the "Clash of the Titans" that came out a year or two back and I was surprised to hear this.

I mean, I would have understood them making a sequel if the movie had actually did any good in 2010 when it came out, but it was horrible. It was totally different than the original movie and how everything happened was so boring and just plain wrong.

It's going to basically have the same cast as before with some new characters along with a new director so it may not be as bad as the first one hopefully. Also, they're apparently already planning on having another one coming out some years after this one so lets hope they go up hill from the first movie.

But to tell you the truth, even though this movie might turn out to be horrible in the end I'm probably going to go and see it anyways. It's something about the Greek gods, how could I miss it?