Monday, July 16, 2012

I understand that the travel blog may be expected 
to be all about beautiful destinations and sight-seeing 
but I feel that it should also include insights from experiencing new cultures 
and gaining deeper appreciation for the world.

This island culture is different from the consumer culture of the States. 
People don't throw things away here and scramble to buy new things.
They do with what they have.
It is a way of thinking that I wish more Americans would adopt.

I know poverty is a huge issue that I cannot even begin to write about but 
I thought I would mention it in that previous post because it needs mentioning.

I feel that we, as young people, 
need to be reminded that there are bigger issues (health, education, housing) 
than missing our favorite television shows or not owning the latest smartphone.
And these are issues that we can take on.
My friend was telling me about how she had been volunteering all summer 
and I felt ashamed that I had not been doing the same because
it's so easy to get up and help people.

While I want to give you the travel magazine "come to Jamaica!" message in my posts, I also want to reach out to you and encourage you to get up and help people this summer.

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