Friday, October 28, 2011

The Dentist

So Friday morning I once again had to go to the dentist so they could replace my temporary teeth and find out the size of the permanents that I'm getting in a week or two. Instead of going after school like usual my mom decided to have the appointment early in the morning so we can get it done and over with early.

So we get there at eight in the morning thinking that we wouldn't be in there that long but after three hours of a dentist running back and forth out of my room barely doing anything I was finally released.

After this appointment I have realized that dentist waste a lot of time when they are working. It took them thirty minutes just to figure out what color tint they should use on my permanent teeth they are making.

Why didn't they just ask me? It's my teeth, I think my opinion on them is important. Instead they just kept having women run in and out of the room looking at the different tints that they had. It would've been way easier and faster just to let me pick, especially since I have no clue what the color is going to be.

They also numbed the front of my mouth but not the back, where they decided to take one of those hook things and started to stab all over the back of my mouth saying "the back of your mouth may be numb but if it isn't then it's alright." If you were going to numb my mouth then why didn't you numb the part that you were going to work on?

Anyways, every since my visit Friday I haven't been feeling too happy about going back in a week or two. Hopefully this visit won't be as bad as the last one.

Originally posted by Kadeem on Monday, October 17, 2011