Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nice North Coast

Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean.
Yet, it's small enough that you could drive around the whole island in a day.

The More You Know~

Last Weekend
We (my family) drove down to Montego Bay, St. James to spend time with our Chinese relatives.
We kicked it tourist-style by staying at a resort with lots of cousins.
The legendary white-sand beach was just a stone's throw from our rooms
and we could also walk off the property to Doctor's Cave Beach and Buccaneer Beach which were close by.
Margaritaville was also a short drive away.
The strong swimmers of the group went down to the ocean via Margaritaville's slide
and had a blast on the floating trampolines and floating slide.
At night, the older cousins danced at Pier 1, a club with an interesting design; 
it was outside yet inside and had a great view of the ocean.

Going to Mobay was like taking a vacation from my vacation.
In Kingston, we'd drive through the city all the time and I'd check my email every morning. 
Up in MoBay, we didn't drive around too often.
I stayed at the resort with my cousins.

When we did leave the resort we did cool stuff like sit around and play cards
and come together to bang drums.
I got to unplug and connect with my family.

That was about four days without internet usage;
I challenge you to try it and see how much fun you can have.

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