Monday, July 9, 2012

My Jamaica

In my youth, I would often visit Jamaica and even lived there for a few years.
 Many of the sights there were taken for granted,
but now that I am older, I can appreciate everything much more.
Before I arrived here, I thought that
I'd be writing tourism board-approved "Come to the beautiful island!" sort of posts,
but once here, I realized that would not suffice.
I'm down in Kingston right now, Jamaica's capitol. 
So much is going on all the time. It's beyond exciting to be here.
This vibrant place deserves more than superficial notes about beaches.
I feel that Jamaica is stereotyped too often as
somewhere where everyone looks like Bob Marley
and everyone runs track.
But the island has depth and I want to try to show that.
This summer I want to write something compelling.
I have a multitude of things to say about this country,
so this is just an introductory post.
I hope that through all my posts, I can show you my Jamaica:
a place full of character and heart,
somewhere that's not just about the beach.

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