Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blue Horizon

When I think about Jamaica,
the most memorable thing is the mountain range.
From anywhere on the island,
the magnificent mountains come out to greet me.
There are so many trees here!
It's so green and awesome wherever we go;
a far cry from the dry, flat land of Florida.

The mountain range that runs through Kingston (pictured above)
is called the Blue Mountain Range.
Blue Mountain Peak is the highest point on the island.
I didn't go up there this time around but it's cool (jacket recommended!)
and a lovely place to hike. Up in those mountains
is where they grow some of the best coffee in the world. 
(Jamaican people can never have enough coffee lol)
More magical than the mountains in the daytime
is the sight of the great hills at night.
When night falls, the mountains grow dark
and the sky comes alive with the bright lights of the city.

Last weekend, we stayed with a friend who lived up in the hills.
They have a stunning view right over Kingston.
 I got up to see the sunrise there
and produced this timelapse.

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  1. I visited Jamaica two years ago, and I was instantly smitten with the sweeping views and vibrant colors of the island. Your pictures certainly capture its rustic charms:)