Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Repetitive Family Vacations

My family goes on the same vacation every year. Every single year, more than once sometimes. We almost never go anywhere else. We go to Hammock Beach Resort, a beautiful private resort in Palm Coast, Florida, but after a couple times, you get kind of bored.

Yet, this time we did something different. My parents rented a little speed boat, big enough for the five of us, and got a tube for the back of the boat. I was so nervous. I really was. Tubing looked like so much fun until the boat began to slip away from shore. It took me forever to get onto the tube, and then the anxiety built as the boat got further and further away. I was the first to try out the tube, and I knew I was going to fly off.

I didn't fall off, but my family did catch a three minute video of my nonstop screaming. They had gunned the boat and sent my through choppy waves. It was super scary, yet also so amazing. Almost everyone gave it a go. Afterwards, we spent the rest of the day on the boat relaxing. It was super fun.

Although it was the same old trip, my family tried something new, and it was super fun. For those people who are stuck on old trips, look at them as either time to relax or get closer to your family. Or maybe just try something new in the same place. You never know what can happen! My trip turned out fun, and yours could too.