Monday, December 12, 2011

Mistakes and the News

So apparently a certain person who works at my school got into some trouble last night and everyone at school was talking about it today. It was also all over the web since his position is what it is, but I didn't pay much attention to it because everyone makes mistakes.

Well, during seventh period today I had to go to the bathroom in the front of the school because the one I usually used was locked. Before I walked in I noticed a certain news van (not saying any names) parked outside my school's gates. At first I didn't think much about it but then I realized why they were out there: to get students to talk about what happened.

Walking back up I thought about what they were doing. It's wrong, why come and prey on the students of high schools about bad things like this? By doing this you are only adding to our schools already bad reputation when we aren't actually all that bad school.

Why couldn't they come and cover the One Acts Festival that our schools drama club held last Friday? They couldn't wait outside the school to ask students how they felt about our school going to states to preform their one act? Why not a story on our schools magnet programs and the good things we do at school?

I understand that he is suppose to be a role model for us students but everyone make mistakes. And by making this mistake he can tell us not to do it since he experienced the consequences for what happens when you make these mistakes.

So I got two more things to say before ending this: students and parents should stop making this such a big deal and move on with their lives and that certain news crew needs to stop preying on high school students and find better news to report.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Silent Protesting

I learned many things during my years at school: I learned about my countries history, I learned that A2 + B2 = C2 and I learned that silent protesting gets you no where if you don't do it right.

It's not that I have a problem with any of the causes that people are supporting but the way most people do it is just not logical. What is putting tape over your mouth and not talking to anyone for a whole day suppose to do? Oh sorry, I almost forgot that we all are psychic and can read each others minds so when we want to know their cause for being silent we can just read their minds.

Come on you guys, we got poster all over talking about how "silence hurts" and telling us to speak up about whats going on. If you're going to be silent about a protest then at least wear a sign or carry cards or something that will be able to tell people who see you why you are doing what you are doing.

But I guess being silent is the answer now since the first amendment right which gives of the freedom of speech and assembly don't really matter any more since it's so old. Plus who needs to talk when we can just read each other minds?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pride and Prejudice

So my AP English Lit teacher has been forcing us to read a little book by the name of Pride and Prejudice. It's basically about a bunch of girls who want to be married off and how much their lives suck.

To tell you the truth I was actually looking forward to reading the book at first when my teacher was talking about the book before we got them. I also remembered how I had a lot of friends who have read the book before and liked it so I thought I would probably like it too.

But what I didn't realize at that time was that just about all of those friends of mine who read and liked the book were girls and many didn't have the same taste in books as me.

Anyways after reading the first chapter of the book for the third time, I realized that this wouldn't be a fun book for me. The word choice, sentence structure, giving characters multiple names without telling the reader and constant talk of marriage really messed with my head. I couldn't take it all down and after awhile I kind of didn't even care anymore.

I know that there might be a lot of people who might like the book, for some odd reason, out there and I got no problem with that. Just don't start talking about it in a group with me unless you want me to complain about it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Being a Teen

I'm seventeen right now and I'll be eighteen in a few months so I've been a teenager for about five years now. But a certain adult that I have to deal with every once in awhile sees us in a different way then we are.

According to this woman, all teenagers are bad. All teenagers go out with friends to smoke weed and get drunk. All teenagers are in gangs and go out and pick fights with people. All teenagers go out and party to have sex and do drugs. All teenagers disobey their parents and steal from them. All teenagers use their money on clothes and jewelry and tattoos and nothing useful.

I'm pretty sure that all teenagers are not like this. I know I'm not and I don't know any one person who does all of this stuff. I understand that we teenagers are not the very best people but that don't mean we don't anything good.

I'm tired of being looked down on because of my age, that my every move needs to be watched because I'm young. That nothing I do can or will be right and everything I do is wrong. I'm tired of my generation of teens not getting the credit that we deserve for the stuff that we do.

But I guess since adults are always right the stuff she said is true about all teens and I guess since I don't do any of that stuff that I must not be a real teen at all.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Dentist

So Friday morning I once again had to go to the dentist so they could replace my temporary teeth and find out the size of the permanents that I'm getting in a week or two. Instead of going after school like usual my mom decided to have the appointment early in the morning so we can get it done and over with early.

So we get there at eight in the morning thinking that we wouldn't be in there that long but after three hours of a dentist running back and forth out of my room barely doing anything I was finally released.

After this appointment I have realized that dentist waste a lot of time when they are working. It took them thirty minutes just to figure out what color tint they should use on my permanent teeth they are making.

Why didn't they just ask me? It's my teeth, I think my opinion on them is important. Instead they just kept having women run in and out of the room looking at the different tints that they had. It would've been way easier and faster just to let me pick, especially since I have no clue what the color is going to be.

They also numbed the front of my mouth but not the back, where they decided to take one of those hook things and started to stab all over the back of my mouth saying "the back of your mouth may be numb but if it isn't then it's alright." If you were going to numb my mouth then why didn't you numb the part that you were going to work on?

Anyways, every since my visit Friday I haven't been feeling too happy about going back in a week or two. Hopefully this visit won't be as bad as the last one.

Originally posted by Kadeem on Monday, October 17, 2011