Monday, July 9, 2012

Big City, Small Island

The city of Kingston is one of the most densely populated areas of Jamaica.
If you thought south Florida driving was insane,
a few minutes in Kingston should give some perspective.
Regardless of how the traffic is, people drive at unreasonable speeds.
(Not pictured but certainly experienced with much fear)
And many citizens brave the streets in attempt to make a living.
One of the hundreds of salesmen around town
-traffic mode: lunchtime rush hour-
There are also hundreds of pedestrians,
all of which believe they own the road
and will cross anywhere and at any time that it suits them.
Dealing with the users of the road is one thing
but dealing with the limestone roads is another challenge.
Potholes in Jamaica bare few comparisons elsewhere.
If there were levels beyond "extremely difficult"
in driving games, those levels would be called "Jamaican countryside"
bonus level: dodge the animals (not pictured: goats)

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