Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Still Kickin' it in Kingston

Took an interesting, informative tour of Devon House today.
It's quite an historical site. "This chandelier is over 160 years old" "That clock doesn't work anymore but it's over 100 years old" "This sofa is over 100 years old" etc, etc.

I enjoyed learning about life in centuries gone by; 
it was amusing to hear about what upper-class people did in those days. 
For example, the orange sofabed in the photo above is actually a fainting chair! 
There was need for a fainting chair because ladies wore constricting corsets.
More photos below.

piano in the ballroom

very old chandelier on the ballroom ceiling

an actual corner chair, see how it is shaped for the corner

cool checkerboard floor

The lawns are spacious and a nice place to hang out
Jamaica 50 decorations still up in the courtyard
It's a huge house with much more than I photographed (and the grounds on the property are free to explore). Certainly a beautiful place that I needed to check off of my to-do-in-jamaica list.

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