Monday, August 6, 2012

Land of Wood and Water

The parish of  Portland is on the North Coast of Jamaica

Last week we took an awesome trip to Portland.

We stayed at an alternative resort called Great Huts. The property is full of trees and all sorts of wild plants. All of the rooms are interesting houses made of stone or bamboo. It's right off the beach so the salty air and sweeping views are not far behind.

Rock pools at Great Huts

View from a room at Great Huts
Steps leading up to cliff dive at Great Huts

Great Huts has a magical feeling because the design of the whole place is like a jungle and it shows you a radical way of living. Most rooms only had curtains for doors, even the bathrooms are outfitted with bamboo. There are tropical birds and fish and it's a really cool experience to be there. One of the best things about it is that they support local artists so the resort is full of real Jamaican art.
On our trip,
We became waterlogged from all of the beach, pool, and river experiences. We went swimming every day for several days. Pictures below.

Vines over Somerset Falls

Blue waters of Somerset Falls

You can get a boat ride at Somerset Falls or jump into the icy river water if you dare 

Blue Lagoon

By far the coolest body of water in Jamaica, Blue Lagoon is fed by a river and the sea.
It's cold on the surface but just below is warm salt water. The calm waters are relaxing. We swam across it several times; there's a spit of sand on the far side of it and a tree which you can climb and jump off of. Blue Lagoon is a unique, beautiful site.

You can get a boat ride at Blue Lagoon, too.

Long Bay Beach, this photo credit to Nakazzi
Long Bay Beach had perfect waves for surfing and fine white sand. 
"Come to the beautiful island" The water's fine!

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