Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My First Cruise

This summer, I went on my first cruise with my family of eight. My parents had been on a cruise before, but my siblings and I had never been. The cruise destinations were Jamaica, Key West, and Grand Cayman. Many of my friends had told me about their fun cruise experiences, and I was so psyched to go on one (plus, it was my first time traveling outside the U.S.)!

The ship was both terrifyingly and marvelously huge; I finally figured out how to get everywhere I wanted to go on the last day of the cruise. There was so much to do - sports, shopping, spa treatments, exercising at the gym, relaxing and tanning, swimming in the pools and jacuzzis, going to deck parties and clubs, dancing, and among much else, eating! There were so many different kinds of food that was constantly available - there was even a food station that offered midnight snacks. Not all of the food was good, but it was fun to try new things: I ate escargot, shark, alligator, and frog legs!

I didn't get off of the boat when it reached Key West; our second stop was Grand Cayman, one of several beautiful islands. My parents had told us about the beautiful beach, but their descriptions didn't do justice to the white sand stretching for miles and the crystal clear blue-green waters that were perfect for snorkeling. I saw beautiful, colorful fish, reminiscent of Finding Nemo, and I could've spent weeks swimming and snorkeling in, as well as tanning at, the beach. Sadly, we only had about six hours to spend at each destination, which was one of the only things I disliked about the cruise: the time constraints.

Jamaica, our third stop, was mesmerizing. The mountains were covered with greenery, and the water surrounding the coast was sparkling blue. My sister, one of my brothers and I climbed the Dunn's River Falls, which were beautiful - and cold! Climbing the waterfall was an awesome experience, and I loved listening to people's Jamaican accents while we were there.

I was sad when we returned to Miami, although I had missed my friends and relatives. I hope to go on another cruise (hopefully more than one!) sometime in the future.

Have you ever been on a cruise? Where have you gone on a cruise? What locations, destinations, or attractions would you recommend?

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  1. I went on a cruise when I was about 3 so I don't remember much but I think we went to the Bahamas which I hear is a great place.
    Jamaica's just as beautiful as you said, it's cool that you could appreciate the mountains and had a good experience.(I've been there all summer)
    Have a good last few days of summer :D