Friday, June 22, 2012

Millionaires in Training

Tomorrow I depart on my journey to the land of millionaires in training, yep, you guessed it!...MIT. I love Boston! Though I've never actually visited the city, everyone tells me that I will love Boston and that everyone else loves Boston. So Boston, you have a high reputation to live up to. I cannot wait to spend four weeks of my summer in the famous college town. 

This summer's going to be different from my last summer escapades in Peru, the Amazon Jungle, and Argentina. I doubt there will be giant tarantulas or delicious empanadas at MIT, but I know there'll be students from all over the country, insanely smart professors, and a ton of knowledge to be discovered and learned. Who am I kidding, that's just another way of saying I'm going to be surrounded by international geniuses, researchers who speak in perplexing terms that I cannot hope to understand, and I'm going to have to work my butt off to attempt to keep up with my classmates and the coursework. 

Let's just say, I'm a bit nervous.

But I cannot wait! Hopefully when I come back, I'll have joined the group of geniuses (though I doubt it), and I'll have a myriad of knowledge to share with the world... like the cure for cancer or the next big thing in engineering (since my program is for engineering). I am leaving the beautiful sunny morning on the beach and rainy afternoons locked up at home, for four weeks of beautiful physics and calculus classes in the morning and lots of group studying in the afternoons! YAY! Though it seems like a drag, my nervousness is a sign of my excitement. I know that this program in mechanical engineering, though it sounds cheesy, will be a life changer!

Bye bye SOFLO! Hopefully my head will be the same size when I come back!


  1. That is totally awesome! I hope you're enjoying yourself. MIT, man, that's great.
    And don't worry, I'm sure if you work as hard as you say you will, you'll surpass those "geniuses". :D