Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Being a Teen

I'm seventeen right now and I'll be eighteen in a few months so I've been a teenager for about five years now. But a certain adult that I have to deal with every once in awhile sees us in a different way then we are.

According to this woman, all teenagers are bad. All teenagers go out with friends to smoke weed and get drunk. All teenagers are in gangs and go out and pick fights with people. All teenagers go out and party to have sex and do drugs. All teenagers disobey their parents and steal from them. All teenagers use their money on clothes and jewelry and tattoos and nothing useful.

I'm pretty sure that all teenagers are not like this. I know I'm not and I don't know any one person who does all of this stuff. I understand that we teenagers are not the very best people but that don't mean we don't anything good.

I'm tired of being looked down on because of my age, that my every move needs to be watched because I'm young. That nothing I do can or will be right and everything I do is wrong. I'm tired of my generation of teens not getting the credit that we deserve for the stuff that we do.

But I guess since adults are always right the stuff she said is true about all teens and I guess since I don't do any of that stuff that I must not be a real teen at all.

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